We Saw A Bear

by Capes

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released March 10, 2016



all rights reserved


Capes Canberra, Australia

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Track Name: The Tide
Turn back your eyes
Time will tear the world apart
Beneath this tide
This summer won't last forever so I wont try
Time will tear the world apart
Like you and I

Turn back your eyes
There's no better to chase this
There's no better place to taste this
Than here tonight
Its here tonight

Turn to the sea
Let the feeling of the winter
Build inside if you think you miss her
Follow that breeze

And if you think you're afraid of living now
Then you ain't seen the world when the lights are out
There's a whole lot more time
To turn your life around

Turn to the skies
There was never a point in lying
If you've run out of time
Just keep on flying

It's your disguise
It's your disguise

And If I stay
Will you let me live forever
Will you let me breathe the stars
Will you let me breath the stars
Track Name: Jaquline Off
We spent the winter inside
Coming up with new card games
At either yours or mine
I can't tell if its a metaphor

That yours is always cold
And mine is too hot
Its like we're trying to build a puzzle
Can't find the pieces just the box.

Today, you called me up and said "hey there
What are you doing today?
Because if you're doing nothing
Then we should get together
And fucking do
Anything today
I'll be right over soon
Its a wonder we don't stay

We spent all of high school
Making fun of my hair cut
And your irrational fears
The inevitable collapse of hammock struts

Pretending we knew french
never enough to actually speak it
I never learned how to dance
But you make me wish I had
Track Name: A Room With a View
l'm sorry I couldn't make it
See I've got work in the morning
But I can tell cause you're on your phone
It turned out just as boring

There's a car out side and you're waiting
But you're not here to talk
There's a bag of your things on the front step
You're not coming in at all

The summer seems so long ago
It's been a winter kind of year
But I know when it gets warmer
We'll all be getting out of here.

I'm gonna move away to the north
To the lakes and the pretty eyes
I'm going to find my self in a breeze
Away from noise and crowded skies

I'll run away

I'll run away from the pretty people
Living their shite lives
If not today then tomorrow
At least before I die
Because it's loud around here and so bright
It's so loud around here and so bright

I'll admit I'm disappointed
about the way the world chose to end
I was rather looking forward
To just going back to bed

I can hear you out my window
Putting names to your CDs
You listen to everyone right through
You get caught up I fall asleep

All is fear in love and war
You haven't been here in so long
I can tell by the way the paint has cracked
We're all trying to move on
Track Name: String Theory
Lately I've been measuring
In space and relativity
The people and the faces around my house

I am the drug free light of your train ride
You are the acid trip of my sunrise
And its the space caught in between that freaks me out

The gaps between pedestrians
Waiting for the lights to change
Relative to how much time we have

The time it takes to fall apart
And accidentally break your heart
Measured between your driveway and your door

I lie awake
Counting from one to four
Under my breath
Just in case
Someone comes to check if I
Am awake

Its a matter of keeping consistency
Remembering to breathe
I wore a hole in my head whilst sleeping on the floor

In terms of maximising efficiency
Its never been hard to leave
I wore a hole in my head whilst searching for your door

The gaps between your empty hands
Reminding me of how this began
Reflected in imperfections on the floor

The silence that only water brings
A bag of all your favourite things
gone as if they were never here at all
Track Name: Study Of Mice
When we were in Stockholm
You taught me what syndrome
Meant in a way
That explained why I missied you so
Many years later I bleed from your wounds
And the time has put an ache in my bones

We're tearing off bandages
Leaving us stranded
Inspite of the mold
Photosynthesis and refusing to grow
Break all my bones just to set them alright
Both tragic like hedgehogs on bonfire night.

Now the sirens are calling and I think I'll let them sing
Because my walls are falling and its you whos breaking them in.

We read out of context
Thus losing the concept
Behind our facade and the foundation of this house of
Cards in the mail leave these burned bridges frail
Rusted and worn on the roads that we've walked

It never seemed smarter
To find the bug and restart it
Presumed the hardware was broken and that was all there was to
No better excuse than the study of mice
No shyer than once though we've been bitten twice