Be Rad

by Capes

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released August 12, 2015



all rights reserved


Capes Canberra, Australia

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Track Name: Danny
Come over early, I'll make you pancakes
It's the only thing that I know how to make
Lets think this over, you're my scarecrow bar
And I know that you'll be here when it gets late

As the conversation drifts to jupiter
And how space goes on and on and on
It's a mindless expanse of who gives a fuck
It's apathetic nonchalance

Someone says the planet seems
So small and so paltry
Now I don't want to start a fight
But I'm afraid I disagree

'Cause when you're drowning in the ocean
A piece of drift wood, whilst being so small
Is a pretty big deal
And its the space between the stars outside
Where the planet sits
That make it so surreal

If you come over I'll make you pancakes
You don't have to eat them every day
I understand your need for a balanced diet
But if you eat them once a week
We'll be ok, its true.
Track Name: Mt. Painter
I wouldn't say it was a good idea
But then it wasn't your worst
And tho we all got out of here alive
It's only because it worked so if I slipped up again I would have to contend
This was bad right from the start
And it was only because we went this way
We were left blind in the dark

Well we can't stay here the night
Although I can't see the light
We must move on

I wouldn't say it was a good idea because the lights starting to fade
And you weren't really looking at where you were going
So you landed on your face now we're going the long way round so don't look down
Because we won't make the fall
And there is nothing to save us that brave face wont aid us
And there's no body we can call


I wouldn't say it was a good idea
Because that would be a lie
And we can't go back the way we came
To leave it all behind

We can't stay the night we must move on
Track Name: Excitement
International phone bills on credit cards I'm not used to owning and I
Should probably read these letters before my parents come to stay
'Cause I've been calling you twice a week for three whole months and every morning
I brainstorm new and exciting things for me to say
But you say you're leaving soon, that you're making plans, you're shaking hands
And theres, not much of either of us left in your room

Now I kind of thought that everything would stay right where I left it
I kind of hoped that that included you

I built a telescope with the things I'd found being on the road
And I used it looking back at everything that I used to own
'cause I've got, rows and rows of soulless shoes and by pushing tar
I've worn them through I'd give 'em all to you but I think you've grown
Now I find no remedy in your Facebook albums "by the sea"
They just remind me of all the places that I would rather be

I kind of thought that everything would stay right where I left it
I kind of hoped that that included you

So call me when you get there, I'll be waiting by the phone
Explain in explicit detail 'cause I'm dying to know
What will the temperature do to your hair
Where are the closest traffic lights
Tell me about your wall paper
What does the neighbours dog look like
'Cause I don't think I'll make it there in the next three or so years
And I want to hear it in your voice before it disappears.
Track Name: Haircuts
At some point this year I will get a new haircut
It'll probably be lame but you'll say you like it
And at some point this year you will get a new boyfriend
He will probably be lame but I'll say I like him
Now the thing about your boyfriend and the thing about my haircut
Is that one of them will grow on me
And the other will continue to suck
Track Name: Apnea
When I woke up this morning
I'd dreamt a dream I never dream
It got me keeping tally
Of endless sheep before I fall asleep

Because I'm afraid of waking up
Feeling like I cannot breathe
Paralysed and stuck
Drowning beneath these empty sheets

Lights didn't go out last night
Maybe you heard or didn't you hear?
That I was up till dawn
Thinking of ways to make this disappear

So I went down to my kitchen
Watching the cat stare at the wall
Sometimes with you I count my fingers
To check if I'm awake at all

Most nights I lay down in the sand
Pretending to fall asleep
And in the morning I wake up
Feeling like I've slipped of something tall
The only problem is although I've woken up
I'm continuing to fall

When I float past my window
I see silhouettes I've never seen
A culmination of my flaws
I hide my eyes so that I wont see you bleed

So we push off from the river
Feel the oars scrape at the ice
Struggle for purchase against the current
To find the rudder isn't sitting right

In my dream we're a pixelation
Of the colour purple and the sound of swings
Unwanted interruptions
Take form of waves on an empty sea

So we begin to feel the pounding
As our boat sinks to the sand
Is it me, are you afraid of drowning?
I don't mean to shout but I can't find your hand

Most days I wake up in the water
Pretending I can hear you breathe
And in the evening I get up
Feeling like I've never slept at all
The only problem is all though I've woken up
I'm continuing to fall

My kitchen is flooding and you're just staring at the wall
I can't make you swim with me
Don't tell me you're ok
Drinking tea in my swimming pool
Track Name: Roofs
Sitting on my roof, watch the sun go down
There's people outside to watch the stars come out
Nothing I can say will explain right now
Everything has changed and I don't know how
Maybe one day i'll come across you here
We'll talk about time and how it disappears

And I hope that we forget, 'cause nothing here made sense

We said “babe we're better off
'Cause I'm the flame and you're the moth
And sometimes things work out
But not this time around”